December 13, 2005

New Democratic Strategy: Community

For months, I have been complaining about the Democrats' lack of a political strategy and overall lack of vision. Well, the Democrats have a new strategy:

To hear Democrats tell it, an anxious and isolated public craves a sense of national community and would galvanize behind a leader who asks people to sacrifice for the greater good.

"There is a hunger in America, a hunger for a sense of national community, a hunger for something big and important and inspirational that they all can be involved in," [Senator John] Edwards, the party's 2004 vice presidential nominee, told delegates at a weekend convention of Florida Democrats.

"Americans don't want to believe that they are out there on an island all alone," the former North Carolina senator said.

Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean has commissioned confidential polling and analysis that suggest candidates in 2006 and 2008 should frame their policies — and attacks on Republicans — around the context of community.

It seems to be the emerging message from a party that has been bereft of one.

This is all they came up with? I would love to see the results of polling on this one.

So, let's assume that the Democrats are correct - Americans long for a sense of community and togetherness with fellow Americans. If that is the case, then does that mean that the Democrats will not spend so much time attacking Republicans, criticizing the President (and all his supporters), criticizing the efforts of our troops in combat, focusing on each and every American failure, or focusing on each and every American case of misconduct as if it were the greatest atrocity the world has ever seen(e.g., Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay)? Hopefully, so...

Hope that the consultants, who developed this strategy, are not too highly paid. They certainly didn't earn the money they likely received.
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