December 08, 2005

Steven Spielberg's Munich: Moral Equivalency At Its Most Outrageous

Steven Spielberg's latest project is a movie based upon the Munich Massacre of Israeli athletes by the PLO and the Israeli efforts to track down and kill the PLO terrorists responsible.
This trailer would suggest that the central theme of "Munich" will be that when good guys kill bad guys, the good guys become the bad guys (or are at least as bad as the bad guys).
There is a difference. The PLO chose to murder innocent civillians for no other reason than they were Jews representing Israel in the Olympics. The Mossad, who was charged with finding and eliminating those responsible, were on a mission to ensure that those responsible could never hurt another innocent person again and to otherwise discourage further terrorist attacks. Let's make no mistake - if the Mossad did not eliminate those terrorists, they would have engaged in further terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish people. Does Spielberg not understand this? More innocents would have died. Also, it should not be forgotten or downplayed that if it not been for the PLO's actions, the Mossad would not have undertaken this particular operation.
Any movie that tries to equate the actions of the PLO and the Mossad is nothing more than disgusting moral equivalency, if you ask me.
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