December 22, 2005

Things Could Be Worse

Tired of anti-American rants by liberals? Check out Beautiful Atrocities for a more optimistic view of life in the United States:

America is a many-faceted cesspool: a rogue state (Andrew Sullivan), a gay dungeon master (Jesse Jackson), morally repugnant & not worth fighting for (Cindy Sheehan), a police state (Rep. Ron Paul), passionately racist (Susan Sontag), ignorant (Michael Moore), the torture & political murder capital of the world (Noam Chomsky), a dumb puppy with big teeth (Johnny Depp), insulting (Janeane Garofalo) & a nightmare of hysteria, ignorance, stupidity, & belligerence (Harold Pinter).

However, it could be worse. We could, for example, be living on Jupiter's moon Io, where geysers spew sulfur 300 miles high, so you can imagine the stink. Frenchmen on Io would be insufferable, sulfur-farting surrender monkeys . Also, we would have to learn to live without many things we take for granted, like oxygen & Desperate Housewives.

Priceless. Absolutely, priceless....
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