April 24, 2006

Bill Maher: America is "Wallowing" on 9/11

Bill Maher and Heather Higgins had an interesting exchange on the April 21, 2006 edition of Real Time. Bill Maher wants America to move on and not "wallow" on the memories of 9/11:

MAHER: They replayed the 9/11 calls from that day, they showed films of people jumping—

HIGGINS:—but they’re horrific, even if read them—

MAHER:—I know, but we remember that day, why did the jury need to see? I think everybody on the jury remembers 9/11. Why did we have to introduce this emotionalism? Because we are, we love to wallow in this country. We are—

HIGGINS:—I couldn’t disagree with you more.

MAHER: Really?

HIGGINS: I think there has become a completely absence of remembering.

MAHER: What?!?


MAHER: There’s been a complete absence of change.


MAHER: There’s been plenty of remembering.

HIGGINS: No. There’s not much remembering. There’s no remembering with visuals, there’s no—

MAHER:—You’ve got to be kidding?

HIGGINS: It’s been 4-and-a-half years and we’re finally getting a US flight 92 movie out.

MAHER: Right and they showed a screening and people yelled “too soon, too soon”.

HIGGINS: That was the upper west side, but for the rest of us—

MAHER:—when white people are yelling at the screen that’s something.


HIGGINS: I was there on 9/11. I was three days away from the World Trade Center and I saw all sorts of shit that no body has seen on television because they won’t show it. It’s really, really hideous and it makes it extremely personal. And I think understanding what happened in that cockpit and on that plane is something we should be celebrating as Americans. These are heroes and I think it’s directly relevant—

MAHER:—This is a trial, not an episode of Oprah, it is a trial. What does it have to do with the trial of this man [Moussaoui]?

HIGGINS: Because when you have a murder, the victim’s death is relevant to the trial and these are a lot of people who died who deserved the credit of being remembered.

MAHER: It’s just stoking the emotional pot.

Hat Tip: Expose the Left.

I am sure that the families of the approx. 3,000 killed on that day would like nothing more than to stop "wallowing" and forget their pain. Maybe Maher could show them how to accomplish that.

The left would like nothing more than for the American public to forget that 9/11 ever happened. Otherwise, the American public will continue to consider national security an important issue when they go to the polls... and vote Republican.
By the way, Maher does show his complete lack of understanding of the judicial process and criminal trials. The Zacharias Moussaoui trial is now in the penalty phase and, as such, the testimonials of victims and the families of the victims is highly relevant as to the impact that Moussaoui's actions have had on them. The jury is attempting to determine whether or not his crimes were heinous enough to justify the most serious of our criminal punishments.
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