April 20, 2006

End of Sabbatical

I have not published on this blog since December.
There has been no illness, no family emergencies and no other "legitimate excuses" (other than paying more attention to my work and family) for "ignoring" this blog or my "blogging duties".
To be honest, I had been incredibly busy and found that (a) the blog was taking a significant amount of my time every day - time which I desperately needed for work and (b) I was essentially "burning out".
I really enjoy blogging, yet I have been frustrated with the direction that this blog has taken and struggling with the direction I want to take on a going forward basis. Initially, I had limited this blog to being an essentially "political blog". . . i.e., a place for me to comment on and/or discuss politics. As politics have taken a much more dramatic turn towards hostility (on both sides), I became more and more disillusioned and tired of politics.
I have grown very tired of constantly re-arguing the same points with some of my more liberal readers (the alleged "Bush lie" and whether there is a "Republican culture of corruption").
As I have mentioned prevously ad nauseum, Bush may have been an advocate for war and may have viewed the available intelligence with a bias towards war, but clearly, he did not lie when presenting his case to the American people. As any leader would, Bush looked at the available intelligence, formed his own conclusions, decided on a foreign policy and then went forward to sell that foreign policy to his constituents. No President, other than maybe Bill Clinton (who I voted for twice), would have his foreign policy decided by polls.
Is there a "Republican culture of corruption"? No. There is an "American culture of corruption" that includes both Republicans and Democrats politicians. We can argue about the Abrahamoff scandal and which party benefited from Mr. Abrahamoff's efforts or we can argue about the proliferation of 527's and whether they are abuses of the campaign finance laws, but really, what would be the benefit? If you are concerned about corruption - as any American should be - then fine. Let's discuss how to make politicians more accountable. Under the "leadership" of Howard Dean, however, the Democrats have ignored an opportunity to make necessary reforms and instead made it a "Republican" issue, thus taking the focus off corruption in American politics and placing the Republicans on the defensive (all the while ignoring the corruption within the Democratic ranks). By doing so, the Democrats may have made temporary gains in public opinion polls, however, they have lost any chance of finding a bipartisan solution to America's problem. Moreover, by trying to sell the corruption issue as a Republican-only problem, the Democrats have shown, once again, true contempt or lack of respect for the American electorate. Most Americans recognize the hypocrisy. As such, Dean's crusade against "Republican corruption" has not gained any real traction.
I hate hypocrisy. I know I am not alone.
Anyways, back to the issue at hand. I have decided to continue blogging. However, I have not yet decided what direction I will take on a "going forward" basis. I will likely not limit my posts to politics only. Moreover, I have found that the blogs I enjoy the most are those that do not treat everything so serious and actually possess a sense of humor. Who knows.
I will begin regularly posting this weekend after I give it some more thought.
Thanks for all of your patience.
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