April 20, 2006

Liberals at Indymedia Attempt To "Intimidate" Right Wing Bloggers

Good grief. Check this out.
Evidently, Indymedia is encouraging its readers to stalk and/or harm certain rightwing bloggers including Stephen Green, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds, Jonah Goldberg, Jeff Goldstein, Rusty Shackleford, etc. by posting their addresses and phone numbers.
Indymedia encourages its readers to "do your best to be 'nice' to all of these reichwingers", but then notes that they can use "maps.google.com to find their phone numbers and maps".
Absolutely disgusting. Can you blame me for taking a vacation from politics?
Indymedia is upset because Michelle Malkin posted a press release from some college students that were trying to get military recuriters off campus. The press release evidently included the addresses and phone numbers of the college students. More background here.
My two cents: if the students did not want their personal information disseminated to the public, why would they include it on a press release? For that matter, if they did not want the information published, why send it to members of the press? Obviously, a screw up by the students.
When people have to resport to threats and intimidation to discourage opposing view points, it is a sure sign that they have already lost the debate and are now resorting to the only device they have left - thuggery.
According to Stephen, many of the addresses are fortunately wrong. So, not only do they have no class, but they are also clueless.
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