April 22, 2006

This Just In: John McCain is a Republican!!!

Some in the media are in shock that their beloved "maverick" John McCain is actually trying to gain support from actual Republicans:

As if we needed more convincing that Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) is courting the Republican establishment that scorned him in the 2000 presidential race, an invite to a May fundraiser for his Straight Talk America PAC in Dallas found its way to the Fix inbox this afternoon.

The May 15 event is two-tiered: a 5:30 p.m. reception will be held at the home of Cinda and Tom Hicks and will be followed by a 7 p.m. dinner at the home of Rita and Bill Clements. The special guest for the night will be Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman. (Mehlman has been very careful about not taking sides in the 2008 nomination fight and we have been assured nothing should be read into his agreeing to be part of this event.)

Even so, the list of Republican heavy hitters on the host committee shows the depth of work that McCain (and his political guru John Weaver) have done over the past few years to woo deep-pocketed supporters of President George W. Bush.

It is newsworthy in the sense that it can be seen as McCain beginning to build a war chest for the 2008 campaign. Sounds like smart politics to me. I just find it funny that some in the media are surprised at his targets for donors.
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