May 11, 2006

Good News From Iraq

This is interesting:

In one document as released by the U.S., an unidentified al-Qaeda member writes that the influence and power of Iraq's Shiite majority cannot be taken lightly, especially in Baghdad, "particularly when the power of the ministries of Interior and Defense is given to them, compared to the power of the mujahedeen" in the city.

The document says that the Baghdad cells are capable of only "hit and run" operations, leading the public to conclude that "the Shiites are stronger in Baghdad and nearer to controlling it, while the mujahedeen . . . are not considered more than a daily annoyance to the Shiite government." . . .

The strategy document complains that "the strength of the brothers in Baghdad" is based mostly on car bombs and "groups of assassins lacking any organized military capabilities."

The writer complains that the Americans and the Iraqi government forces "were able to absorb our painful blows," raise new recruits and "take control of Baghdad as well as other areas, one after the other."

"This is why every year is worse than the previous year, as far as the mujahedeen's control and influence over Baghdad," the document said.

I doubt that this will be in the New York Times.
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